Your Workspace is more than a Desk: A Focus on Tech – Officio
Office Technology

As we’ve explored on our blog over the last couple of weeks, a workspace is so much more than a desk. And this week the focus moves to Technology; taking a look at how it helps business to not only be more efficient but more connected and progressive too.

Tech your Workspace should Own

According to an article by Forbes, there are a few things that a modern workspace shouldn’t be without. Some, such as reliable conference lines, seem simple but are seriously underperforming at many workspaces. Then there’s things such as sit stand desks that promote wellness and keep a track on activity levels throughout the day.

Standing Desk

Smart Buildings/Internet of Things

Taking things further into the tech realm, many office buildings are also becoming increasingly aware of how the Internet of Things and smart buildings can benefit the businesses that work within them. Sensors within buildings can recognise which areas of the workspace are used most and at what times of the day, meaning better developments in design and hence better productivity.

Smart buildings can also assist businesses at the forefront through things like electronic whiteboards and digital bookings for meeting rooms. Technologies that reduce admin and save time whilst keeping your data safe and backed up can only be good for efficiency and productivity.

Fora Space  

Probably the biggest technology collaboration we’ve seen in the industry is that of Fora Space and MIT. Fora are diverse and unique in their approach to modern day workspaces and they believe that through technology and hospitality they can curate the perfect setting to promote collaboration, driving businesses of all size and sectors forward.

Fora Space Green Co-Working

Fora Chief executive Enrico Sanna says: “People like to come together in different ways. Some people do it naturally, but some won’t. Then there are people who need help in making that connection, which might involve the use of digital technology, because they are more comfortable using chat rooms or social media. Other people prefer to do it in person. It is a complex subject that requires a multi-pronged approach to enhance the way that people collaborate.

Already Fora’s workspaces implement technologies including white noise speakers that prevent the travel of sound across open plan spaces while high quality facilities feature in kitchen areas and wellness rooms. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Tech-only Workspace Providers

Then there are the workspace providers who focus solely on supporting technology businesses. Our partners including TechHub and TechSpace curate their offices in order to support the up and coming businesses of the tech world.

As well as being in strategic locations such as around Silicon Roundabout and the City, best in class IT infrastructure and seriously impressive rates of connectivity between their global communities allows these workspaces to really support the businesses working within. If you’re a tech start-up looking for somewhere to grow your business or your company have been looking for a smart workspace to relocate to, then get in touch with Officio. Because a workspace should be so much more than a desk.