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As the way we use office space is changing and the world adapts to new ways of working, the well-known serviced office provider, We Work, have developed a new initiative that it hopes will create more appeal for its workspaces during the ‘work from home era’. They call it We Work on Demand.

How does it Work?

In a similar vein to Uber – the app which allows people to call on their closest driver when in need of a ride – We Work on Demand allows people to quickly reserve a desk at their closest We Work whenever they need, all thanks to a handy app. Whilst the tech is currently only available in America, We Work are keen to roll the app out across more countries as soon as possible.

However, as with Uber, there are some safety concerns surrounding the unregulated nature of the initiative. The free for all design that allows anyone to enter a workspace as and when they like is worrying to many people, particularly during a global pandemic.

Safety concerns aside, having seen initial success in areas such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, what is the app adding to the market?

Will it Change the Market?

Many serviced office providers including We Work already offer ‘hot desk’ subscriptions which allow freelancers and entrepreneurs to trade coffee shops and libraries for co-working environments. People are able to book a desk whenever they need with the added benefit of other business brains within close range.

This means in reality, the app doesn’t deliver any new concepts to improve the way people work and other than for those who work alone or in very small teams, it doesn’t solve many of the issues facing businesses since the Covid-19 outbreak. Perhaps the only real benefit of the app is an extra level of convenience and a bit of saved time.


What’s the Alternative?

Business of all industries with differing staff numbers are now searching for better ways to support their teams without losing the creativity and collaboration that is offered by the office. Tech savvy start-up businesses may be enticed into the workspace through convenient apps, but it isn’t an ideal solution for those larger companies.

Alternatively, Officio sees business adopting a hub and spoke style solution for workspace in the future, allowing companies to better support employees wherever they commute from. This approach also allows for businesses to offer employees the option to work from home when it isn’t necessary to physically work from an office space.

The hub and spoke method will see businesses taking advantage of available workspaces closer to their employees’ homes whilst retaining smaller workspaces within our City Centres as a hub for when coming together creatively is necessary.

Team Meeting

Officio are able to help you make your next best move – assisting you to set up the perfect hub for your team. We have great relationships in the market and can organise the ideal size and layout you need right now while allowing for future growth or extra passes for team members to come and go.

We can work out what works for you and your business with just a quick friendly chat. Call us on 020 3053 3882 and let us help.