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Energy Efficient Workspace

A simple guide on the energy efficient workspace.

A few tips on how to save energy around the workplace.

Making the change to an energy efficient workspace will both save you money and benefit the environment.

What’s really good to know is that you can reduce the amount of energy your workspace uses without having to take any drastic measures. Here are a few really simple steps that you can take to lower both your energy output and bills.

Turn off lights and PCs

Every night when you leave the workspace turn off all the lights and computers. It may sound simple but a surprising amount of businesses leave their electrical equipment on or in sleep mode overnight. This wastes a huge amount of electricity over a year.

Choose energy efficient light bulbs

Energy Efficient Bulb

Replace your standard incandescent bulbs with energy efficient ones. Simple and straightforward but it could reduce your energy usage by up to 38%. This will be saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Install motion detectors

Motion detectors that control lighting will switch off when nobody is in the room helping you to run a more energy efficient workspace.

Synchronising fans and lighting is a similar trick to saving energy. Aligning your fans with the bathroom lights will ensure that neither will be left on in any empty room, wasting unnecessary energy.

Take advantage of natural lighting

We have all been involved in a battle of the blinds at some point in the workspace. Somebody wants them open while the person opposite them is almost blind from the glare. But keeping window blinds or skylights open throughout the day whenever possible is a great way to save energy. It allows you to keep the lights off for longer leading to a more energy efficient workspace.

Programme the heating system

Again, the temperature in the workspace is often an argument that you’d rather not be involved in but it is also a massive source of wasted energy. Getting the heating to switch on and off at intervals will ensure that the temperature stays regular while creating a more energy efficient office.

In the summer, blinds or solar screens will also shade and cool down workspaces helping with that environmental footprint.


Ensure of ceiling and wall insulation

Finally, this simple solution will save you a massive amount of energy – insulation. Whilst insulation may seem expensive upfront, savings made in the long run will amount to much more than your initial spend. And, if you want to go one step further with your energy efficient workspace, why not insulate water heaters and supply pipes as well?

Follow these simple steps and you should be able to watch the money pile up thanks to your energy efficient workspace.