How our New Understanding of Health and Wellbeing is Advancing our Office Spaces – Officio

Since the pandemic workspaces and office buildings have been thrown into the spotlight. And one thing that has become clear to everyone is that environment matters. Mental and physical wellbeing has never been more talked about than in the last year and workspace providers have taken note.

Many of our workspaces, particularly in London, were already striving to integrate wellness and eco-friendly features into their workspace but in the past year, many have really ramped up their efforts.

WELL Building Standard

The WELL Building Standard even launched a new certification in 2020 to ensure that more features which cater to our bodies and minds are incorporated into our office buildings. This is something that benefits not only employees but businesses too, with huge savings being made thanks to often simple changes.

WELL v2 aims to help companies deliver more thoughtful and intentional spaces that enhance human health and well-being through 10 key categories. Buildings are rated via a points system around factors including, air, water, light, nourishment, movement, comfort, mind, sound, materials and community.

How to Make a Workspace WELL

This means that workspaces have invested in fresh air systems throughout their offices, ensuring no recycled air comes back into the workspace for improved air quality. Internal planting including living walls are also more common throughout the offices and maximising on natural light is very often key to many workspace designs.

Some aspects go further towards looking after the health of employees such as ensuring filtered drinking water is available just a few steps from employees’ desks. Providers are even considering the ingredients in their décor and furnishings by sourcing materials with low VOC (volatile organic compound) content to maintain healthy indoor air quality levels.

However, not all wellbeing features require changing the physical building you work in. Many providers are now hosting events within their centres to ensure tenants feel happy, supported and connected. Wellbeing events such as yoga, healthy breakfast clubs and creative workshops get the brain focusing on something other than business for a brief while, producing a healthy and therefore happy work environment.

Physical, Psychological and Economical Benefits

Wellness inspired workspaces also have profound effects on our lives outside of work. Not only do our offices keep us connected and social but improved wellbeing in our work day helps to facilitate important cognitive functions such a good night’s sleep, supporting mental health and helping us be at our best every day.

Aside from improving the day to day lives of those who work within the offices; there are also many benefits to the businesses based in them too. Many companies see significant savings thanks to considerably reduced sick days as well as lower employee turnover. Research also shows that better wellbeing in the workplace leads to greater productivity in staff.

Our Wellbeing Specialists

While we have a number of brilliant providers in London – Office Space in Town have an incredible space known as the home of happiness in Blackfriars and The Office Group as well as Fora Space all hold wellbeing, hospitality and eco-friendly spaces as a high priority – centres in cities such as Brighton really excel.

Our partners, Plus X, on Lewes Road in Brighton have achieved Platinum WELL Building Standards Certification – the highest award for wellbeing handed out by the WELL Building Standard.

The building is so much more than just offices too with media studios, a fabLab and a large equipment prototyping workshop all available to its tenants. In terms of wellbeing, it features ample natural light supporting circadian cycles, air quality monitoring, access to inspiring outdoor spaces, a biophilia strategy showcasing vibrant plant life, a balanced nutrition cafe and of course yoga classes.

We have so many diverse and forward-thinking centres on our books like this; the serviced office market is so flexible and highly adaptable, we truly believe we have the perfect thing to support your business and your team no matter what it is that’s important to you.

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