Say hello to Officio… – Officio
Finding flexible workspace


We used to be – since 2001 we have been helping businesses find office space and office space providers find businesses.

In 2018, we decided it was time for a change.

“Our brand really did not reflect who we were as a business”, explains our CEO, Chris Meredith.

“I was becoming increasingly frustrated with what was a weak brand offering, often put under the same umbrella as ‘other brokers’ when I knew full well we were so different in our service offering and values. It had to change and I was adamant that in 2019, we would realise that change.”

At this point, Chris spoke at length with Chairman, Jim Venables and Operations Director, Liz Yorke about his thoughts and where he saw the business going.

“Both Jim and I agreed with Chris and his frustrations” recalls Liz. “But…Jim and I had been through this type of a journey before with marketing agencies, consultants etc – let’s just say we were both a bit unsure if it was possible to do what we wanted to with our brand.”

The agreement was there that something needed to be done, and Chris pushed on with finding help. That help came in the form of MultiAdaptor a London based branding agency.

“On first speaking with Andy West at Multi Adaptor, I knew they were the guys to help us. Andy instantly said the name officebroker itself conjured up negative connotations of ‘broker’ and he was right. I was confident that they would be able to steer us in the right direction” continued Chris.

What followed was an intense 9 month journey of discovery – lots of workshops, post it notes, brainstorms and ideas from Jim, Chris and Liz and a lot of honesty along the way.

“We are pretty direct, straight and honest, which often puts us in the ‘difficult client’ box for many agencies” commented Jim. “But this time round Andy took what we were saying and 100% put it in a way we never could.”

The result was Officio – a brand that is as straighforward as the leaders of the business are, with a strong ethos of customer satisfaction at heart.

“The initial response to Officio from our team and Key Industry Partners has been nothing short of phenomenal – so we hope that this continues now we are launching to the wider world.”

It has been a long and interesting journey, and we are pretty pleased with the end result. We would love for you to take a look at how we got here…the PDF below gives you a guided tour. Enjoy. And let us know what you think?