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London Workspace Skyline

The workspace options available on the market today are growing vaster by the month. Long gone are the days of highly corporate, rigid desks in white wash offices where human interaction was just a way to avoid working, apparently.

Today, workspaces are tailor made for the businesses and people that work within them. They specifically aim to make working more efficient, productive, comfortable and relaxed. But this doesn’t mean that every space is free and fun loving. Nor does it mean that today’s workspace can’t look professional. There are hundreds of styles and thousands of designs, each with a different focus and ethos.

Why You Need Officio


With this in mind, how are you ever supposed to decipher which one is right for you? Or, even know where to start looking when you have a design in mind? This is where Officio come in. Think of us as your invaluable comparison experts.

We have access to a vast market of workspaces. And, our job is to make sure we know the ins and outs of every one. This way, we can present the best option for your business without the timewasting, fluff or nonsense. All it takes is a quick five minute chat.

All our Client Advisors visit our many different workspaces on a regular basis and chat to those within the buildings daily. So, we’re always up to date on the latest tech. We know when a floor or building gets a facelift. We know when a new artist is commissioned for a workspace. When a new building is introduced to the market or when there’s an overhaul in a provider’s brand. And, we’re always on top of our game when it comes to new providers on the block.

Boutique Visit

Officio with our Partners at The Boutique Workplace Co.

Therefore, searching for a workspace in any way other than through us means you probably won’t find the absolute best option for your business. Simply by explaining to your personal Advisor a little about how your business operates, what is important to it and the features you’d love to see within the space, we can show you a shortlist of options that will tick all the boxes.

We hear all the time, and we love it when we do, that a client didn’t know a certain style of workspace even existed until we showed it to them. And, an enormous budget isn’t essential for a beautiful workspace either. We have something for every type of business, whatever stage it’s at.

Interested in seeing more before you dive into a chat with the team? No problem, here’s a breakdown of some of our favourite workspaces.  

A Workspace with a Theme

Our partners, Office Space in Town (OSIT) are a workspace provider like no other. As a family run business that owns all their buildings, they have total freedom to do what they want to their spaces. And, it is immediately clear that no expense is spared when creating these stunning workspaces.

Mad Hatter Tea Party OSIT Meeting Room

From quirky themes including Alice in Wonderland to the sophistication and elegance of The Great Gatsby, this provider certainly knows what it takes to wow. Think Mad Hatter tea parties in the board room and the Cheshire cat’s hypnotising smile in the lounge. Not your thing? How about relaxing in opulent velvet chairs beside a grand piano after climbing down a regal staircase from your private workspace. These fantasies become a reality with OSIT.

Brick Street Lounge

No Fixed Abode

If you’re someone who enjoys a regular change of scenery, keeping things interesting and unwinding in style, then our home away from home workspaces are the perfect solution. These co-working spaces come adorned in furnishings from countries far and wide. The lounge areas feature irresistible sinking sofas and the outdoor spaces transport you to a little section of heaven.

Well know workspace provider WeWork are heroes in this department, presenting unique and inspired designs throughout the country.

In London’s Paddington, the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious floats in beautiful cursive neon lights above a chunky and earthy leather sofa. Co-working tables come topped with chess boards while the ping pong courts feature paddle laden walls for a real quirky, laid back look.

Traditional Temptations

Recently rebranded, the Argyll Club bring a stunning modern twist to some truly amazing pieces of architecture. With a range of Grade I and II Listed buildings, historic sites such as Michelin House and some striking pieces of contemporary architecture to boot, this is a sophisticated and mature workspace provider with a real sense of upmarket style.

32 Curzon Street in London’s Mayfair presents a beautiful Georgian townhouse neighboured by a number of prestigious firms, embassies, art galleries, fine dining restaurants and designer boutiques. Curzon Street is located within one of London’s most sought after destinations and the region boasts some of the most fascinating architecture in the city.

Heading inside the workspace, although modern and stylish in design, the class and charm of the original build is still evident in the beautiful interiors. Period fittings include chandeliers, wood panel walls, a dramatic staircase and multiple, ornate fireplaces. While smart, angular furniture covered in plush velvet and chic accessories make it a workplace to remember.

Whether one of these styles has peaked your interest or whether you’re looking to discover the perfect space to truly represent your brand, get in touch with Officio on 020 3053 3882 and make it happen.