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The last year has been tough. There has been so much news about businesses suffering, people struggling and women especially having to bear particular burden as they find themselves disproportionately responsible for the roles of parent, teacher and businesswoman.

Well, at Officio we wanted to share some good news for a change. With the Women of Silicon Roundabout conference happening in London in the coming weeks and with the many up-and-coming, women-run tech businesses Officio have worked with recently, we got thinking about all the ladies who have turned hard times into business opportunities; using tech to make life easier for those in a similar position to themselves.

While only one in three entrepreneurs are women, the tech industry is working hard to change this. Currently, women hold only 24% of computer science jobs and only 11% of executive positions in Silicon Valley but with growing new initiatives and events, this is on the rise.

Tech That Supports the New Normal

From what may sound like the simplest of ideas having the biggest of impacts, to the things revolutionising the way we work and live, women have made huge changes in the world over the past decade and it’s only becoming more relevant as time goes on.


Tessa and Saasha are prime examples of how the simplest ideas can really make a change for both people and the planet. Their app OLIO is based around the idea that food is meant to be eaten, not thrown away. During the pandemic, we saw more people than ever struggle to provide food for their children without the support of school meals. OLIO enables neighbours to give and receive food and household products without any sense of embarrassment via an easy-to-use app

Daisy Chain

This app was founded in 2017 by female entrepreneur Louise Deverell-Smith but it seems the world has finally caught up with the importance of it’s offering since the lockdowns of 2020. Coming from a recruitment background Louise saw how frequently good candidates missed out on job opportunities because inflexible employers didn’t take parental needs into consideration.

Daisy Chain (named after her own daughter, Daisy) connects parents with flexible employers who understand the importance of a great work-life balance and the irreplaceable employees it brings.

Officio’s Client

Back in 2017 Jenna came to Officio looking for her first office in London Wall. Her data entry automation business needed a new space to thrive. The aim of the business? To make life simpler for logistics organisations trying to automate data entry. Why? To enable the free flow of global trade information between organisations.

Less than a year after first coming to Officio the company raised $2.5m seed funding and this female co-founded business took off. In 2018 they were back with Officio looking for a bigger space – today the company has gone from a six strong start up to having over 30 employees. This year Officio helped them navigate their back to the office plan while supporting their new hybrid approach.

Workspaces Supporting Tech Businesses

As we’ve built many new relationships with our tech clients, we’ve also built some fantastic relationships with the tech professionals in the office space industry. Our partners Fora, Techspace and LABS, amongst others, are uniquely tailored to support those working in the world of tech.


This provider has gone the extra mile to ensure their workspaces offer the most efficiency and productivity to their clients. Partnering with MIT they have installed sensors and begun analysing data in order to maximise on who is using which area of the office, when.

The collaboration has led to the introduction of white noise being played into the workspace during busy times to muffle background noise and allow office users to concentrate on the task in hand. The MIT team also suggested that Fora employees move into each of their new centres to instantly bring a sense of community to an otherwise quiet workspace.


LABS workspaces are extremely well equipped with the latest technology to support your business as well as being backed by some of the world’s most successful technology experts. They have a dedicated app where teams can book meeting rooms, find talent and engage with the community, while a private, dedicated and fast network, built by experts keeps data safe for even the most sensitive of businesses.


Created with scaling tech businesses in mind, Techspace boast best in class IT infrastructure while helping your business to configure its ideal setup. Their curated tech community is composed of high growth, technology-led businesses, providing invaluable input to the member and partner network. What’s more Techspace’s in house team are available to help business leaders overcome obstacles and venture through new avenue

Interested in joining the long list of tech clients we have helped to find their perfect workspace? Just give us a call on 020 3053 3882 and we will connect you to an office that supports your business as well as your passion.

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