Office Space Demand Soars Outside London Following Covid-19: A Focus on Newcastle – Officio
Newcastle architecture

This month on the blog we have been focusing on the noticeable increase in demand for workspace outside of London since the pandemic changed the way we operate day to day. Last week’s post looked into some of the amazing spaces we have in and around Reading, where demand has seen a real increase in recent months.

This week we take a look at what Newcastle has to offer in terms of safe and flexible workspace solutions. While many businesses have capitalised on the benefits of working from home, the pandemic has also shone a light on the importance of maintaining a physical workspace – even for just part of the week.

With this said, the threat of the virus is still very real and safety and wellbeing are still high priorities on all businesses’ agenda. The desire to avoid crowding, busy public transport and towering office buildings with 100s of occupants has led people to think about alternative hubs for their business; preferably, where driving to the office is hassle free.

Adderstone Group

The building, although still large enough to accommodate a range of companies, is able to offer some great self-contained solutions. The team are able to utilise a private kitchen space while still leaving enough room for a lounging area if needed. The manned reception ensures that no professionalism is lost and the rentable meeting rooms can be easily sanitised. 

Adderstone Group – Dean’s Court, Office Floor

This Adderstone building also features an attractive tower of bay windows through the centre and to the right of the structure ensuring that plentiful natural light illuminates the offices for that feel good factor. And, a 272 space multi-storey car park with 24 hour access and manned security sits behind the building making avoiding public transport easy and secure.

Omnia Offices

Our partner Omnia Offices present a traditional style workspace. For those who prefer a classic office feel over the more contemporary home away from home design, Omnia are the perfect option. Being outside of the City Centre but still easily accessible, the workspace offers an office away from large crowds and busy rush hour traffic.

Taking space with Omina Offices also provides additional benefits during uncertain and stressful times. They are actually a certified Mental Health First Aid workspace provider. They pride themselves on not only being a supportive space for you to grow your business but somewhere you and your team can also feel personally supported through difficult times.

Hoults Yard

Workspaces designed by Hoults Yard all come with the mantra ‘property with personality’ – something they have no doubt achieved. With four buildings to choose from, in and around Newcastle, there is colour, pattern and texture galore. With exposed brick, contemporary furniture and a real artistic feel it is difficult not to feel motivated and focused within these walls.

Hoults Yard Meeting Room

Hoults Yard itself is also very convenient for those looking to stay away from crowds. It sits within a courtyard community with everything from independent cafes to irresistible doughnut shops right on the doorstep. You won’t have to head far for a little treat.

If you want to see more of what we can offer in cities such as Newcastle, simply get in touch. Our advisors are here to talk through any reservations you may have and are very knowledgeable on the current market. Give us a call on 020 3053 3882 and we can take all the hassle out of finding your perfect office space.