What are the Modern Benefits of Leasing Flexible Workspace? – Officio

Leasing flexible workspace can have a host of benefits for both your business and your bank balance. Not sure which type of workspace to lease? Flexible workspace could be the perfect solution.

Here at Officio our clients are often confused as to what type of workspace is best for them. And, the option we come back to time again is undoubtedly flexible solutions.

Saves Time

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Flexible workspace is the perfect commercial property option for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is flexible, affordable and functional in design.

In addition, our clients find flexible workspaces save them bags of time when it comes to arranging utilities such as gas, telephone lines and electricity.

Increases Flexibility

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While most businesses think that this type of workspace is a fairly static option, they couldn’t be more wrong. Flexible workspaces do exactly what they say on the tin, with a contract that offers more flexibility than many other workspace solutions.

Due to the fact that flexible workspace tenants want an all-inclusive package, landlords often provide affordable, short term leases that are easy to extend as and when the time comes.

Extras are Inclusive

Another advantage of using flexible workspace is the range of additional extras that usually come as standard. While managed office space is usually cheaper than the serviced alternatives, serviced office space usually includes a number of business extras like parking, which can mount up when purchased individually.

Reserved Parking Space

Presents Networking Opportunities

In addition to saving you money on business utilities, flexible workspaces can also inadvertently increase the value of your business. The majority of flexible workspaces, particularly in the capital now provide space for start-ups as well as SMEs and large companies. While this may not be your original choice, the advantages to sharing knowledge in the workspace is priceless. Also, shared workspace is usually priced lower than conventional serviced space making it a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

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The biggest plus point to sharing flexible workspace is definitely the possibility for collaboration and networking. Working in the same building as other businesses in similar industries is the obvious choice for companies wanting to take their firm to the next level; helping and being helped by other established businesses in a specific field is the best way to do this.

Officio work alongside businesses to make the process of finding the right workspace altogether easier and more straightforward. Call our experienced advisors on 0203 826 8139 and tell us what you need to make your next best move.