Innovation is Open: The XCHG – Officio

Officio are incredibly pleased to bring you the XCHG, a new advanced workspace available on the 7th floor of 22 Bishopsgate, offering clients a chance to be a part of one of the most iconic business addresses in the heart of London.

This new, sustainable office space allows you to create new ways of working, learning and innovating. Entrepreneurs can inspire here, and even nurture and practice brand new ways of thinking, a promise which is sure to come true for all of its members. The facilities throughout the building are available for everyone to use, being carefully curated to make a bond between business and creator.

Elements of the Office

Once settled into the space, you will be able to enjoy many different aspects of working life at 22 Bishopsgate. Creators can thrive within the entirety of the building, whilst being allowed access to a set of different facilities, which include:

  • Media Lounges – this is where thinkers can create, stream and edit all different types of creative content.
  • Meeting Points – these are designed for experienced names and emerging talents to collaborate in the form of hosting events, panels and one-on-one talks.
  • Bar & Restaurant – spread across levels 59 and 60, it is imagined as a place that creators and thinkers alike can enjoy views of the city skyline, indulge in some tasty cuisine and relax, possibly striking action with moments of inspiration away from a desk.

Every single one of these facilities will present opportunities for all, whether you want to create or inspire, or connect or to learn, in the same space, together.


As part of the new space, any member of the XCHG can gain access to the buildings all new app, known as ‘the 22’. It is the centre of the structures community, seen as a hub of culture and a branch of technology that can make day-to-day life feel that slight bit easier. The app has several convenient features that allow residents to move around quickly by using contactless entry passes or to even book a last minute gym session or supportive class in the Retreat Health Suite. A few taps on your smart device and anything is possible, the world is quite literally at your fingertips.

The XCHG are embodying a new vision and this is purely to make a smart building or making a building smart. There isn’t just one thing that will be making this building smart, but in fact, every system within this space will connect, resulting in sharing its data with its counterparts, creating a real difference. They take a pioneering approach to this, which helps them improve their consistency and performance, whilst reducing their energy and optimising space resulting in a decreased environmental footprint. If you want to contribute towards the preservation of the planet, then this building and your contribution will definitely be helping.

The Building Itself

The XCHG office space resides in 22 Bishopsgate, one of the most notable buildings in the City of London. The commercial skyscraper was completed in 2020, setting a new vision in place for its tenants; to encompass more than just desk space. They are committed to being better, ensuring that the values of their building stand tall alongside them and the occupants within the structure.

Starting from the basement level, there is the first amenity, The Active Commuter Park, or better known as the ‘ACP’. It is designed to support and encourage this increasing number of people finding greener routes to work. It is filled with 1,700 bike spaces, 75 showers and over 1,300 incredibly secure lockers to hold whatever your heart desires. There is also a bike maintenance/wash station and sustainable dry cleaning service down here too – if you are are ever in need of cleaning your clothes in a hurry.

From this floor and up, there are 8 more amenities, starting from the first floor with the lobby. This one in particular is built fit for purpose. It is designed in a way to ensure that everyone’s arrival at the building is an enjoyable experience, with plants and greenery filling space which is proven to decrease anxiety and increase concentration. The other services feature:

  • The Market – a foodie in the heart of the building. It’s a lively space with fantastic food, drink and aspects for inspiration.
  • The Gym – this offers something more than fitness; the choice is yours. Take a HIIT class at 3pm or scale a glass climbing wall, the possibilities are endless.
  • The Viewing Gallery – this is London’s highest free-of-charge viewing spot. It invites occupiers to search for a burst of inspiration on a slow day or even just a relaxing view at the bustling city below.

Talking to Graham Bradley Hall, General Manager of the XCHG, he commented:

“We are looking forward to welcoming Officio clients to the XCHG. It’s an absolute privilege to be part of this amazing space within the heart of London and building the ecosystem which is making this office an enjoyable space to be working in.”

Are you in need of a new workspace for your team? Does the XCHG seem like the best option for you? We would love to introduce you to the space and help make it your next business venture. Contact us on 020 3053 3882 or on to find out more information.