Employees Need Varity to Thrive – Here’s What Features to Look for in Your Next Office Space – Officio
iHub Office Colmore Row Lounge Area

Moving workspace is an important decision. It can have a huge impact on the team, which in turn impacts their performance and the success of the business. Keeping employees and their productivity at the forefront of your mind is the best approach to take when looking around prospective new offices.

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, and this is true for workspaces. An office which provides different zones, varied furniture and of course, creates opportunities is vital in supporting employees to deliver their best work.

With this in mind, Officio has devised a list of five key features to look for when searching for your next office.

Hot and Cool Spaces

Hewett Street Office Breakout Space

By this I don’t mean the physical temperature within the office, but rather the energy of the space. Sections that are stimulating, in the open and filled with just the right amount of people are considered hot spots. These areas are perfect for creative work, something that perhaps benefits from the advice or input of others for example.

These hot spots also work really well in supporting employees who respond to a buzz around them. As individuals we are unique in a great number of ways, the environments we thrive in being one of them. Of course, this means cool spaces are just as important. Cool spaces support those employees who crave a quiet space to think in order to deliver their best work.

Cool spaces are isolated spots with comfortable furniture away from noisy communal areas such as kitchens and co-working. These areas are ideal for work that requires a little more concentration and focus. Having both hot and cool spaces within a workspace ensures there is a place for every task and every person.

Collaborative Space

Hewett Street Breakout Space

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt about workspaces from the pandemic is that there is no replacement for in person collaboration. A great office should provide not only dedicated meeting and boardrooms but small, comfortable breakout spaces that create a relaxed and semi-private space for pairs or small groups to chat and discuss.

Features including white boards or writing walls, power points for laptops and good lighting massively enhance the functionality of these areas while attractive furniture entices teams in.

Community Space

Kitchen Area

As well as hot and cold spaces, a great workspace must also offer areas that nurture a sense of community. Spaces where organic conversations can occur, where multiple businesses gather to work or unwind. The atmosphere should be relaxed and welcoming – people are respectful to those around them but also feel able to approach one another.

Settings including onsite cafes or shared kitchens with plentiful seating are ideal for this sort of interaction. Chatting over a coffee with colleagues or tenants is important not just for wellbeing but for business too. Conversations that start out as a chat about the weather often progress into advice being exchanged, suggestions being offered and ideas being born.

Outdoor Space or Bring the Outdoors in


Throughout 2020 we probably spent more time outdoors than in any other year. But so many of us now appreciate the impact this has on our wellbeing. With this in mind, many are now looking to take these benefits into the workplace. Having access to spaces to rest and reset is important in relieving stress and mental fatigue as well as supporting focus.

Of course, especially in cities like London, outdoor space is not always an option but this doesn’t mean it can’t be recreated indoors. Incorporating daylight, natural materials and plentiful greenery can be just as effective in convincing our minds we are close to the nature it craves.

However, whatever space can be utilised outdoors really should be maximised upon. From roof terraces to furnished courtyards and even small balconies, aim for an office with a little outdoor haven.


50 Sloane Avenue Booths

The final setting we recommend you look for within a serviced office is booths. Just as they are the most popular spots within restaurants, they are favoured throughout workspaces too. They are perfectly designed for small groups to collaborate without completely shutting off from the buzz of the workplace.

They have other benefits too. The soft, tall backs are not only comfortable, but they are also functional. The height and materials create a semi- private space with great levels of noise cancellation both for sound coming into and leaving the booth.

The overall idea behind all of these features is variety. Your employees need space to roam and feel stimulated with settings that support their preferred way of working. Get in touch with Officio today on 020 3053 3882 and let us tick all the boxes for you and your team.