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Business events are great for so many reasons. Make yourself memorable with a big launch party, let people know what you’re all about with a social presentation or just celebrate your success and get the team together in a unique location.

Officio work with a number of workspace providers whose styles and environments differ greatly. Perfect when it comes to events spaces. Your business may be looking for glamourous, industrial, cosy or all out wow with a dedicated DJ. Well our providers have the perfect space for it all and they can’t wait to see you.

Considerations before Diving in

Although design is important, there are a few other things to consider before signing up over aesthetics alone.


If you want people to actually attend your event, you will have to consider location. Think about where the majority of your guests live or work and which transport links are closest to these areas. The last thing you want to do is spend hours planning and preparing an event that people can’t get to easily. Choose a location close to tube or train stations or keep it City Centre to be safe.

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You will also need to check that your events space not only has the right type of furniture, but enough of it to make all of your guests comfortable. If the room is currently set up with intimate lounging space and sofas, your front-facing presentation is likely to become background noise for some while others will be left leaning on a wall.

What’s more, if it’s tables and linens that you need, some venues will have them already. Enquire about these beforehand, it could save you a lot of time and money.


Another consideration worth enquiring about is whether or not venue staff will be on hand. Some events spaces fully expect to set up and equally, clear away a room once your booking become concrete. If this is the case, brilliant, you will be saving a lot of time and energy. If not, you will have to ensure you allocate enough time and people to the tasks.

Added Facilities

Each style of event will inevitably need some specific facilities. For example, your event may need catering. This is not a problem most of the time but circumstances may vary. Will you need a dedicated kitchen area, are there any special dietary requirements and will your team even like the food on offer? It may be worth asking whether you can bring your own food to the venue and always compare costs bearing in mind the size of your party.

Additionally, the technology at each site will vary. Sometimes your venue will be completely prepared for any tech requirement you throw at them. Other times you will need to bring along supplies. AV equipment or extra lighting for example is not always available and is worth enquiring about.

So now let’s show you what we’ve got on offer!

The Boutique Workplace Company

Just as the name suggests, The Boutique Workplace Company do not offer your everyday workspaces. They have a variety of stunning, unique, design focused sites throughout London all with their own, carefully considered style. And that is just part of the reason their events spaces are so great.

Thinking of hosting a sophisticated and suave launch party? Clerkenwell is the place. Take over the entire ground floor with its onsite bar and, wait for it, mezzanine for your DJ while the terrace lets guests take a beverage to the roof. Short from holding your launch party in a nightclub, this space is the next best thing and guarantees to impress.

Clerkenwell Events Space

On the other hand, if you’re hosting a talk or an exclusive screening, Grays inn Road is for you. Floor to ceiling glass and exposed ceilings as well as a breakfast bar and chill out lounge makes this a quirky, laid back and very memorable spot for your next event. Holding up to 130 people and with full audio-visual equipment plus state of the art sound systems it’s perfect for product launches, small corporate functions and private parties, pop-ups, fashion shows, screenings, talks and even simple brunches.

Office Space in Town

Office Space in Town (OSIT) are another workspace provider who know how to host an event. Not only will their unique interior designs ensure your function is unforgettable, the Alice in Wonderland theme being particularly special, their events spaces also pack a punch.

The wonderful Boundary Row Café, located next to OSIT’s Waterloo workspace has a fully licensed bar and is available to hire in the evenings. With its relaxed café vibe, the space is comfortable and welcoming creating the perfect environment for networking events or intimate parties with up to 80 guests.

On the complete opposite end of the scale is OSIT’s breath-taking venue, The Deck. Located in a stunning Monument building, elegance and class are in its roots. The roof terrace offers incomparable, panoramic views of the Shard, the Thames and Tower Bridge so knocking the socks off your guests is a guarantee. With plenty of presentation space and the capacity for 150 guests (80 indoors) to drink and dine, this is an events space like no other.

The Deck Events Space

The Office Group

Our final workspace provider with a choice of unforgettable events space is The Office Group (TOG). Their workspaces are incredibly stylish and contemporary, not to mention expansive, while creativity flows through the differing zones. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, typical within all TOG centres creates the perfect space for any number of events.

Firstly, Albert House. Set in an original 1930s warehouse the space possesses a fantastic industrial feel and an intriguing speakeasy atmosphere. The open plan building offers a choice of events space including screening rooms and a stunning lounge with an onsite bar suitable for up to 250 people. This industrial and creative venue has plenty of charm and acts as the ideal setting for networking, private parties or drinks receptions.

Then there’s Henry Wood House. With over 76,000 sq. ft. of space, there’s not much you can’t do here. The welcoming first floor is all about working, collaboration and the idea of being social in business. Is there a better first impression for your event?

Carry on to the events space and there’s room for 100 people to mingle and learn something new. Or, if you’re looking for something really niche, the centre boasts a 20 seater screening room to showcase your latest production. Still not impressed? How does the combination of a bar, lounge and courtyard sound? This beautiful space holds up to 250 people, perfect for an event your guests will never forget.

With so much variety, there is the ideal venue for every occasion. From screening rooms to simple café style space, your next event is sure be a huge success.