How City Culture Shapes Workspace in: Manchester – Officio
Manchester Cityscape

Our self-identities, external environments, the continual development of technologies and our desire for something unique all impact the choices that we make and the way we both live and work. So it may not be a huge surprise that the culture within our cities also impacts the way our workspaces are built, designed and used.

Manchester is a city that is rich in culture. It is renowned for its arts and inviting community which is widely accepting of people from all walks of life. The city which was once built on the Industrial Revolution has since reinvented itself as a cultural capital.

Art Galleries and Wellness

The Whitworth Gallery for example recently received a £15m injection of funds. The redevelopment resulted in a stunning glass promenade gallery that overlooks the Art Garden in Witworth Park. Similarly, wellness in workspaces is a huge focus in big cities such as Manchester. Floor to ceiling glass allows people to work in the pleasant natural sunlight and appreciate the beauty of what’s outside their windows.

International Festivals

From galleries to world famous festivals; the city is also host to the bi-annual Manchester International Festival. Covering 18 days the remarkable festival premiers a range of performances and events putting Manchester on the international stage – something which can only be good for business in the city.

Library’s and Lounges

Mirroring the culture in Manchester’s many contemporary workspaces, the city’s Central Library, reopened to the public in March 2014 to provide a living room for the community. With workspace providers such as WeWork and Bruntwood providing multiple sites in the city, members work in comfort and calm from lounges to chill pods.

Bristol High Street LoungeSpace

Music Scene

As well as art galleries and libraries, Manchester is an iconic home for music. Bands including Joy Division and Elbow were born from the music venues of Manchester and music remains an important part of the region’s culture. Any avid musician visiting Manchester must make a trip to the legendary Piccadilly Records to get a true taste of the city’s music scene.

Celebrating the strong musical heritage in the city, our workspace partners Orega can be found sharing space with the musical hopefuls on ITV’s The Voice. Their workspace in Blue Tower, Media City is a vibrant location that supports the work of the city’s more modern culture ventures.

Foodie Flavour

With all this excitement you’ll need somewhere to take time out and enjoy a bite to eat. Well, Manchester has you covered there too. With trendy bars and independent establishments lining the streets, the foodie scene soon made its way into workspaces too, offering the perfect spot to soak up the cool urban vibe.

The Northern Quarter

Last but certainly not least, the Northern Quarter is worth a mention all on its own. This thriving, laid-back hub is possibly Manchester’s trendy neighbourhood. Packed with record shops, the Artist’s Studio and of course some very original and inspiring workspace. The region is growing ever more popular with start-ups and budding businesses from a range of industries.

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