Cutting Carbon through Transport – How Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone is Impacting Offices and Business – Officio

As traffic charges come into effect in Birmingham’s City Centre next week, Officio have been listening to our client’s worries and doing our part to overcome these barriers.

Whilst many fully support cleaner air in our cities and the need to reduce transport to make an impact, change isn’t always easy. We are used to hopping in our cars to go pretty much anywhere in the modern world and often, businesses rely on transport to give customers the best possible service. But if the events of Covid 19 have taught us anything, it is how to adapt. And that once growing pains are out of the way, change can be great.

Who do the Charges Apply to?

It is worth mentioning however, the charges do not apply to the majority of vehicles. Only the most pollutive will incur fees. Many modern vehicles have been designed with reduced emissions and therefore do not have to pay to travel in the restricted area. If you’d like to check whether or not charges apply to your vehicle, you can do it here.

If you work in the Clean Air Zone, but live outside of it, you can also apply for a temporary, worker exemption permit if you meet this criteria.

However, thinking long term there are a few considerations that businesses working in the city should take in order to improve their carbon footprint and to accommodate future initiatives similar to the clean air zone.

Offices with Bike Storage and Changing Rooms

Considering workspaces that offer plentiful bike storage as well as shower and changing facilities is a great idea for city centre offices. They are a popular feature in many business centres throughout the country and in Birmingham.

Alpha Works – Alpha Tower

This bright and contemporary workspace is not only in an iconic building with stunning views of the city but, it is equipped with convenient bike storage, showers and changing rooms to make walking, cycling or jogging to work more convenient.   

BE Offices – Somerset House

The luxurious welcome to this workspace is the first thing that strikes you as you walk in. The black and gold colour scheme creates a memorable first impression which, when combined with a meeting out on the sunny terrace is sure to impress. And, if all this wasn’t enough, the onsite showers and changing facilities are perfect for those carbon cutting goals.

Offices Closest to Birmingham’s Railways

Walking or cycling to work isn’t always an option for everyone and there is nothing employees want less than a long walk on top of a long commute. Choosing workspaces close to the city’s numerous transport links is a great way to cut down on carbon emissions as well as keeping staff happy.

WeWork – Colmore Row

With a variety of workspace, vibrant pops of colour and a great community feel, this office ticks all the boxes but best of all, it is only a two-minute walk from Snow Hill train station.

Landmark – Snow Hill

This immediately recognisable building is striking for its vast glass façade and conveniently sits just two minutes from Snow Hill station. The atrium, running through the centre of the building is a truly memorable feature bringing a light and airy feel to each workspace. Convenient and inviting, what more could you want?

Offices in Less Congested Areas

Considering workspaces on the outskirts of the city is not only a good way to avoid congestion but is usually a great way to save on costs too. We have a number of offices that sit close enough to the city centre to ensure you can reach the action but far enough out for a little peace and quiet too.

Bizspace – Zenith House

Solihull is a region of Birmingham just south of the city centre with plenty of appeal in terms of amenities and transport links. This Bizspace office is a great option for those looking for modern, fuss free workspace with all the facilities you would expect from a city centre office.

Citibase – Trinity Point

Halesowen is another popular location just outside of the city centre with great transport links and less congestion. This Trinity Point workspace offers a bright, crisp setting to welcome clients with the facilities to get down to what really matters.

If you are interested in viewing any of the offices we have available or just need some advice around moving your workspace, give Officio a call on 020 3053 3882, we’re always here to help.