A Day in the Life of…Part One – Officio

Jasmine Shorrock, Client Services Manager

Selling office space may sound a bit boring (until you realise an office is no longer just a soulless box!), but ex-Emirates flight attendant Jasmine Shorrock was excited to ditch her wings and keep her feet firmly on the ground when she joined the Officio team earlier this year. Read on to delve into the reality of Jasmine’s role here at Officio in her own words!

“When I joined the team at Officio, I had no idea how diverse my role would be! Although I am reasonably new to the business I am excited that I have already had new tasks and responsibilities added to my role.”

A Day on the Road

I love to travel, but also love being at home so being Client Services Manager at Officio gives me the best of both worlds. If I am out and about with clients, it is usually in London but can also be Birmingham, Manchester or another one of the big cities depending on where I am needed. This does often mean an early start so you will see me getting the train before 07:00…I like to be prepared and ready to meet my clients so this gives me a great opportunity to prep for the day!

In a typical day I would meeting 2/3 different clients and show them around 6 different buildings each – I am still amazed at how stunning some of the workspaces are that we get to show people around. I keep trying to decide on which is my favourite, but I can’t it changes each time I go out!

I also get invited to a lot of new building launches, and provider events – at one I had a massage at breakfast time!! The social aspect of the job is absolutely one of my favourite things, I love meeting new people and I get to do that every single day.

Clocking up around 30,000 steps a day is pretty taxing so heels are a no go! I also couldn’t be without City Mapper – I can find my way around London easily and look a pro infront of my clients.

I love to learn all about what a business wants out of their office space, and by showing them a range of spaces you really get a feel for what they like – the walks in between are a great opportunity for us to chat and discuss the spaces they are seeing. One client was so impressed with us that when we dropped into the pub for a drink after tours they started telling other customers how great we are! That was a definate first for me.

A Day in the Office

When I am not out and about with clients I am located at the Officio HQ with the rest of the team. This gives me the opportunity to update them all on the spaces I have seen, and also to chat about our clients in greater detail.

I am also really excited to have taken over our social media channels! Give us a follow on LinkedIn and Instagram to find out more about what I am doing and get some insights into the rest of the team.

Want to join the team?

Do you like the sound of Jasmine’s role and think you would be a good fit for the Officio Team? We are always on the look out for new team members, so drop your CV to us at hello@askofficio.com and we will be in touch.