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Get to know Mayfair

This area of London lies in the heart of Westminster – one of the city’s finest residential areas and most attractive villages. Taking its name from the fortnight-long May Fair, which took place to the borough from 1686 until 1764.

Located between Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly and Park Lane, this area is home to some of the finest shopping establishments in the world.

Hanover Square

The workspace is swimming in natural light, highlighting the high spec furnishings and beautiful interior design. What’s more, the floorplates are intended to make is easier and more straightforward for SMEs to take a whole floor of spectacular, self-contained workspace. Your business can still enjoy that traditional office feel even in a flexible workspace.

Berkeley Street

Entertaining clients on your weekly to do list? This workspace’s huge bay windows overlook the May Fair Hotel while the world famous Nobu sits right next door. If this isn’t impressive enough, the Ritz and The Wolseley are less than a five minute walk away. The larger than usual ground floor is also home to a large lounge and a range of meeting rooms as well as plentiful communal space.


The beauty of this building’s architecture means plenty of natural light pours in to the workspace throughout the day, aligning with the fresh feel of these offices. The structure even overlooks the wonderfully leafy, Green Park, providing that hit of inspiration whenever you need it.


London is famous for its transport, with black cabs and double decker buses. But, the most notable way of transport for locals and visitors alike is London’s underground, which provides transport in and around the whole of the city.

Bond Street

Situated on Oxford Street, within close proximity to the junction with New Bond Street. It is located on the central line, between Marble Arch and Oxford Circus and on the Jubilee Line, between Baker Street and Green Park.

Green Park

Located just a hop, skip and a jump away from The Ritz and Green Park gardens, it serves on the Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria lines. The station recently underwent major lift installation works to improve access between the street and all 3 lines.


The area is ideal for businesses of all sizes, with flexible office space always available and, much like Mayfair, there is plenty of amenities dotted all over the place, well-suited for a midday lunch trip or after work activities.


This upscale department store stocks high-end designer clothing and brands such as Off-White, Stone Island, Canada Goose and hundreds more, plus the addition of housewares and gifts. The main office is located right next to their Oxford Street store, with developments also being in some of the UK’s other major cities.


One third office space, one third showroom and one third design studio, this expansive London HQ is an immersive space that inspires and displays the creativity of the British luxury good brand. Located on 20 North Audley Street, it has been designed as a collaborative and contemporary digital space in the heart of Mayfair.


These are any structure, whether it is public or private, that is adapted for the transaction of business. They are scattered all across London, with very few residing in Mayfair, with the area having a more residential look to it.

Time & Life Building

This Grade II building was originally built as the European Headquarters of the Time & Life publishing company. It compromises of seven storeys, the top storey set back, all above a basement and car park. It occupies a corner plot on New Bond Street and Bruton Street, with the main entrance located on the latter. In 2015, Hermes reopened its flagship store in the building after an 11-month long refurbishment, and in 2018 Knight Harwood was appointed the Main Contractor for Chanel’s new head office in the Mayfair building.

My Plan Business Plan


Many businesses want to be based here, and many of them do succeed, because they realise the benefits and the importance of such a move. It is well-connected and full of great amenities, a perfect setting for those starting up in the world of business.

Richard Gelding

Situated in the heart of London’s Mayfair, this menswear specialist combines over 100 years of expertise in classic tailoring to bring you the most comprehensive selection of finely tailored suits from Canali. They have one key strength, and it is that they carry in stock the broadest range of suit style, sizes and fit to meet the full spectrum of body shapes and sizes, which is unrivalled anywhere in the UK.

Lone Design Club

As a result of emerging international fashion, the LDC was founded in 2018. It started by creating short term concept stores appearing for 1-2 weeks at a time, first around London and then internationally, where designers are in-store telling you first-hand accounts of how the product was designed and made. Shortly after, Lone Design Club launched its online store.


Mayfair first started out as unwanted, nameless and muddy fields – the River Tyburn swamps – situated to the west of what was then Central London (Whitehall, Soho, Covent Garden and the City). Mayfair got its name in 1686 when King James II granted royal permission for a fair to be held on the site of what is now Shepherds Market in the first two weeks of May.

The Faraday Museum

This 200+ year old museum was built with the sole purpose of educating the public about the up-to-date scientific developments. With an illustrious history and 14 Nobel Prize winnings to its name, this institute has a lot to bang on about. The lower ground floor displays are focused on experimentation, whilst other historic rooms include a well-stocked library and book-lined ‘lecturer’s corridor’ full with original props – from a toy kangaroo used in George Porter’s lecture on Mechanics to the saw which illustrated Charles Taylor’s lecture on Music. There is plenty to see at this great institute, you’ve just got explore a little.

Royal Academy of Arts

A 250+ year old art gallery and independent charity based in Piccadilly. The RA hosts major exhibitions by historic and living artists, including one of the biggest shows in the London social calendar: the annual Summer Exhibition. The revenue gained from customers and supporters provides free education in the Royal Academy Schools, and does actually support the RA’s world-class Collection and Learning programme. The RA is completely free to enter, but if there is a specific exhibition you want to take a look at, you may find yourself having to fork out some sterling to get in there. You can book in advance, by phone or on line.


Known for its luxury shops and quintessential Britishness, for many of us Mayfair is just a blurry memory from a night out on the town, or a window-shopping stop-off before hitting the more affordable Oxford Street. Whether you’re in the area ready to splash some cash or you’re lost on your way to Primark, why not have a wander around this beautiful corner of London and discover some of its wonderful hidden gems that won’t cost you a thing.

Allies Sculpture

This bronze statue of Churchill and Roosevelt sitting in relaxed conversation on a bench in Mayfair was created by Lawrence Holofcener and was unveiled in 1995 by the Bond Street Association to commemorate 50 years of peace. The two stood side by side against Nazism during WWII and later helped found the United Nations. In line with both of their principles, Allies is a very approachable sculpture with the space between the two figures open for people to come and hang out with them.

Brown Hart Gardens

You might be in need of some respite after swiping that credit card all day, or you might just want an escape from the bougie bedlam that is Mayfair, so make your way over to this oasis of peace and tranquility hidden away in the middle of Central London. The elevated garden sits on top of an old electricity substation and was originally provided for the residents of the neighbouring Peabody Estate apartments. Restored in 2007, there is now a lovely cafe up on the terrace where you can stop and recharge before hitting the shops again.

Handel and Hendrix

If you head down to the bustling alleyways of Brooke Street and you might just miss the two doors that mark the historical site of Both George Frideric Handel’s house and Jimi Hendrix’s former home. The Handel Museum opened in the year of 2001, and years onwards, the building adjacent to the already existing museum was added to the works to commemorate Hendrix who was a resident within the building in 1968. You can visit the Handel and Hendrix home to see what their life away from the music and fame was really like for these two geniuses.


If you’re planning on taking a trip to Mayfair, divide some time to check out their shops. Even if is just window shopping, this area offers some of the most awe-inspiring boutiques in the world, featuring designs and styles from global labels.


No trip to Mayfair is complete with a adventure around the Toy haven that is Harrods. One of the most luxurious department stores in the world, Harrods is spread across seven amazing floors, full to the brim with quality products, the latest trends and the best brands on the market. It really is the best place to shop until you…drop!

Burlington Arcade

No, this isn’t an arcade where Donkey Kong tries to get Mario, or Pac-Man tries to eat the little pellets. The Burlington Arcade is a high-market shopping area that boasts a range of stunning jewellers, dealers in antique silver, handbags and shoe designers, as well as a host of accessory shops and art deals. Everything here will last you a lifetime.

Bond Street

Dripping with the appeal of famous, designer brands and boutiques, Bond Street is a true luxury experience in retail therapy. Here lies some of the world’s most famous designers who are showcasing their latest lines, including the likes of Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Michael Kors and Gucci, being just a stone’s throw away from your central London location.

Savile Row

It is a short street in London’s West End, located just behind the busy shopping parade of Regent Street. Famous for being the home of men’s tailoring, it is the only road in the entire world that is synonymous with a form of clothing, and is that well-known across the globe that in Japan, the word for a suit is ‘serbiru’, a corruption of ‘Savile Row’.


From your traditional English pubs serving wallet-friendly afre to lavish lifestyle Michelin-starred dining, there is a huge variety of top-quality restaurants in Mayfair. And all the cocktail lovers have plenty of places for a swanky drink or two.


Keep your eyes firmly peeled in this establishment, as Nobu on Berkeley Street provides familiar faces with it being a regular haunt for international A-listers. Head to the sushi bar for sashimi or yellowtail tartare with caviar, or even book a table and sample dishes cooked in the traditional Japanese wood-burning oven. From ingenious tofu creations to melt-in-the-mouth pork belly, lunch and dinner here is a treat that you won’t want to miss out on.

Burger & Lobster

Love lobster? Love burgers? At this mighty fine you get the hint from the name, where the Nebraska beef burger and Canadian lobster remain ever popular. Choose from a varied menu that features ceviche, oysters, vegetarian options and, naturally, a burger with lobster on top. If you take a trip down here early enough, you’ll be in time for breakfast, which is eggs and porridge.

The Bar at Hush

Things are done slight differently here, with artisanal ingredients and intriguing processes, each cocktail is hand crafted and hand delivered right to you. Whether you’re in search of a perfectly mixed classic beverage or a mind-blowing new creation, each serve promises excitement, innovation and tingling taste buds.

The Terrace Bar

Nestled into the quiet streets of Mayfair and is just a short walk from Shepard’s Market. This venue combines impeccable hospitality with creative cocktails plus a few spins on the classics. The team here offer an array experiences from dynamic cocktails to whiskey nosing experiences. This spot is perfect for impressing colleagues, relaxing after work or kicking back from a busy day in the capital.


An area of London that is home to some of the most exclusive clubs that are graced by celebrities like Prince Harry and Rhianna, to name but a few. Deciding where to stop off at in such a decadent area is tricky, sure, but with VIP spots to late night party plots, you are definitely not short of options.


Being a hop, skip and a jump away from Oxford Street is this hidden basement bar, perfect for Rum enthusiasts and seasoned drinkers. Coming equipped with pumping tunes, feel good vibes and even better liquids, this is a definite destination you will want to visit if you’re in Mayfair.

Cirque le Soir

Opened in 2009, Cirque le Soir has established itself as a venue original, progressive and flawless. An award-winner with visits from A-list celebs (Leonardo Di Caprio and Scarlett Johansson ring any bells?), this venue is a mecca for late night debauchery. Head on over for top performances, acrobatics, fire-eating and a whole load of glamour.

Loop Bar

Loop Bar is London’s party central. Take a peek inside the venue and you’ll see exactly what we mean; it’s like a set off of Austin Powers with a flashing dancefloor, chrome fixtures, glittering mirrors and even a fabulous ‘groovy wonderland’ slogan emblazoned on one wall. That’s not to say that this is a mere late-night club though.

Mayfair, a luxurious shopping hotspot, full with designer brands, but not forgetting to mention the amazing food and drink that they have on offer. Even with all of what we talked about above, there is still so much more than meets the eye.

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