Liverpool Area Guide – Officio

Big Corporations

Liverpool and the Merseyside Area is fast becoming a hub filled with brilliant and innovative business. It is the UK’s second-largest regional economy and along with its neighbours, is set to drive the continued development of the so-called ‘Northern Powerhouse’.

Jacobs Crackers

Located on Long Lane in Aintree, this factory produces millions of cream crackers each year – with more than half a billion of individual crackers sold each year. It employs around 500 staff, the bakery even has a “biking baker” who cycles the length of a 90-metre production line to check oven temperatures.

Princes Food

This particular company is a Liverpool based food and drink giant. Princes has its head office located in Liverpool’s Royal Liver Building on the city’s waterfront. The company produces everything from tinned tuna to Branston baked beans and Napolina tinned tomatoes and oils. It dates way back to 1880, when it was established as a fish importing business within the city.

Our Offices to Let in Liverpool

Liverpool Old Street

Where better to house your business than within a landmark building. Make your company part of the Liverpool skyline and offer a memorable visit for your clients at this iconic workspace. It doesn’t matter whether you’re big or small, prestigious addresses aren’t just for large corporates anymore. Offering co-working and hot desks as well as dedicated space, there is something for everyone with plenty of potential growth.

Edward Pavilion

This is quite possibly Albert Dock’s coolest office space. Rolling monthly contracts, comfy breakout areas, a spacious roof terrace, welcoming meeting rooms, hot desks, one seriously cool cafĂ©, showers, bike storage, fast Wi-Fi and even more! These all combine to offer you and your team an incomparable workspace. Not to mention a space that is totally unforgettable for visitors and clients.

Business Parks

These are large areas of land in which many office buildings, shops or outlets are situated. They are often developed in suburban locations where land and building costs are cheaper. In recent times, business parks have been a more common place for innovators, creators or everyday shoppers to flock to everyday, whether it is for business or personal use.

Barclay Business Park

This scouse business park is a multi-let version, situated on Long Lane in Aintree. The park is compromised of offices, industrial units and trade counters, which are available in a variety of sizes. The site has good links to public transport and motorways, making it easy to access for employees and customers, plus being surrounded by various companies, thus attracting new business to the area.

Liverpool Innovation Park

This specific business park, abbreviated down to LIP, is an environment of offices, leisure and business continuity services tailored to your 21st century business needs, all being configured around a central hub of connectivity and fantastic amenities. Fit to fulfill the requirements of modern, high-tech companies and is 100% connected for business. Featuring spaces totaling a great 300,000 sq. ft. of quality accommodation, compromising of high specification, industrial units and standalone refurbishment opportunities.

Small Business

The city is definitely well connected, which is one of the key factors when choosing your business location. Innovation is definitely a main priority, they have a district built just for this, with it being known as the Knowledge Quarter. There are great opportunities available here and you can collaborate with others to achieve something big. So, if you are thinking of coming up with a new product, then the Knowledge Quarter might be the best place to start.


A neighbourhood bistro who serve their customers seasonal plates inspired by different experiences they’ve had, people they’ve met and places they’ve explored. They change their menu as the seasons flow, with some weeks having no changes, but sometimes three or four dishes may change. However, with all the changes to the menu, one thing stays the same, that is the attention and care that they put into every single ingredient and guest that comes through the door.

Liverpool Cheese Company

This particular company, founded in 2006, has an aim to share a passion for cheese with the citizens of Liverpool, and anyone else in the country for that matter! Whether it’s online, or you pay them a visit to their quaint little shop in Woolton Village, you are sure to get the best cheese out there. They have a service known as their ‘Cheese Club’, where customers can sign up for a membership and will get a monthly care package filled with all different varieties of cheeses an spreads. Another great thing they do is provide customers a cheese school, where anyone can learn everything they’ve ever wanted to know about cheese, whether its how it tastes, how its made, what to pair it with or even what to drink with it.

Virtual Offices

Have you ever wanted to have a startup business, but not want to work from behind a desk? That’s where virtual offices come in. They give you a physical address and office related services without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff. It allows you to be able to do your job from anywhere you want but also still having necessities such as a mailing address, phone answering services, meeting rooms and video conferencing. So, if you’ve ever wanted to work and have a nice sit down cup of coffee whilst doing so, here are the places to go.

Central Library

Located amongst a collection of historic buildings within the city centre of Liverpool, this place is a supreme place to do your work remotely. First off, being a library means it is very quiet, so no distractions, giving you ultimate focus to get your work done. Another notable feature is that it caters for anyone who forgets their work equipment, with the obvious being there is plenty of material to gain knowledge from, plus the added fact they have 150+ computers and iPads for you to use if you leave your laptop at home. There is actually too many features about this building to list, but it is definitely a serene place to do your work, giving you chance to appreciate the true beauty of libraries and the features within them.

LEAF Bold Street

This is a very well-known eatery in Liverpool, housed within a 20th century building, which was formerly a tea room and cinema. It is renowned for its chilled, bohemian vibe and stunning decorations. The coffee and food shop offers a relaxing, modern and arty interior with free Wi-Fi, plenty of comfy sofa’s and oak wood tables to really get your deep into your to-do list. Even if you get slightly peckish during your daily hustle, Leaf has some fantastic grub – including vegan and vegetarian options for those in need. The eatery is within a prime location, with it just being up the road from Central Station.

A Place for Start-ups

Liverpool has moved into a new era of innovation in the sectors of medtech, edtech and even media. It is sure to be a place for your next business venture, but you will need to get a good idea of all the aspects which entail a new journey.


The overall cost of renting out any business space is significantly cheaper than the likes of London, but so is the actual cost of living, housing, food and transport in the north of England, compared to many other cities. By choosing this city as your next business location, you will be keeping your business costs low, allowing you to maximise profits.

Location & Transport

Liverpool is an ideal location for doing national and international business. From the Central Station in the city centre, you can go almost anywhere in the UK. It will only take 2 hours to get to Euston and 30 minutes to get to Manchester. It is very easy to get around Liverpool, with the city having a lot of good transport networks. The city provides public commuting systems, such as trains, buses and even ferries. Even transporting and distributing goods has excellent links, with worldwide limits, the access being through major motorways going north and south, as well as seaports and the Liverpool John Lennon Airport too.

Start-up Culture

In terms of digital technology, Liverpool is the second fastest growing city. Compared to London’s 92%, Liverpool has had a 119% growth rate in the digital sector, so this particular industry will grow faster in this city than most, plus the salaries of employees will also be higher compared to others. If a start-up business wants to expand their reach, there are plenty of co-working and incubator spaces to work from.

Ease of Doing Business

Liverpool is known for being one of the nicest cities in the UK. The city is very welcoming for tourists and new people who are looking to live, start a new business or just to explore any new ventures. So, once you set up a business here, many people will give you the support you need to run your business successfully, while even gathering information for your business to grow and compete with any others in the same market as you.

Lifestyle & Business

This is a major factor when starting a new business in a city like Liverpool. Yes, there are beaches, parks, lovely skyscrapers and so much more, which does make it a great place to live in, but make sure it is actually meant for you. There are plenty of things to do here, with it all being tailored for anyone, for example, there are plenty of great beaches here, which can only take 15 minutes to get to from the city centre. Some of the UK’s other major locations are within good distance from the city too, Leeds and Manchester are very accessible. However, all of this calls for good business, as Liverpool does attract a lot of new business with its strong economy, which does make it a very attractive place for new or existing business to invest in. In the future, Liverpool will prove to be one of the leading hubs for businesses and there will be headquarters for many big corporations here, so for your business, Liverpool might just be the best location.


Liverpool has always been good for its education, with famous universities and colleges. Did you know that it was the first city in the entire world to have a lending library, a school of tropical medicine, an American consul and a school for the blind. However, students have now started flocking here for education as its affordable, stuffed with culture and has an amazing night scene.

University of Liverpool

An advancement of learning and ennoblement of life. This has been the University’s mission since its founding in 1881. Located in Brownlow Hill of Liverpool, this education centre has values that focus their efforts as they wander to achieve their ambitions and tackle major challenges of the age. It is known to be an inspirational centre of learning, with their aim being to support students as they become highly employable, creative and culturally rich graduates which will allow them to thrive amongst change in a connected world.

Liverpool John Moore’s University

Located just a short walk away from Liverpool Central Station, this place for education has everything a student will need, from outstanding facilities and features, to a rewarding student experience in the centre of Liverpool. It was founded in 1823, and those who did recognised that education could change the lives of many individuals as well as communities and wider society. Here they have many awesome features, including a state of the art science, technology and engineering laboratories, forensic crime lab, a mock courtroom, clinical practice suites, broadcast-quality TV and radio studios and award-winning libraries.


This city is devised into different areas, even though there are quite a few of them, we call them quarters. There are few cities that can boast a rich and diverse heritage as Liverpool, with the city being steeped in Maritime memories, musical and sporting history. Each one has its own style and vibe, together they make Liverpool a mass cultural mixing bowl. Explore as many as you can, with all of them being completely accessible on foot.

Knowledge Quarter

The “Knowledge Quarter” in the city is a modern term in business given to the vicinity of Liverpool city centre that is focused heavily on the education, knowledge and research sectors. It is home to a large number of world leading organisations. Included in this are: The University of Liverpool, John Moore’s University, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool Science Park and much more. It has quite a few aims, the main one is to put itself in a strong position within the UK, as a brand and as a force for good.


There is a large multicultural population in the city of Liverpool, a high percentage of which is Chinese. So, here resides Liverpool’s own Chinatown, recognised by its illustrious and beautifully crafted Chinese Arch that adorns the entry. Around this area you will find a tasty selection of Chinese and pan-Asian restaurants and supermarkets. Fancy a mix of cuisine and everything more? Explore Berry Street and Bold Street.

St. George’s Quarter

If you arrive in Liverpool and are getting off at Lime Street Station, then you will definitely have a nice welcome when stepping out into the middle of St. George’s Quarter. The architecture here is some of the finest in the UK, and also houses some of the biggest cultural attractions in the city. Opposite the station we touched on before, there is St. George’s Hall, which is a prime example of neoclassical architecture. It has also been a popular spot for filming blockbuster movies such as the Fantastic Beast trilogy, Yesterday, Tolkin and the new Batman movie. Next time you’re there, keep an eye out, you might find yourself as an extra on the big screen.

Georgian Quarter

Liverpool is special, we know this, but they are because they have two stunning cathedrals that sit at either end of Hope Street, right in the middle of the Georgian Quarter, so stand at one of the ends of this street and you’ll see the Liverpool Cathedral, then stand at the other end and you’ll witness the Metropolitan Cathedral. The area is filled with cobblestone streets, Georgian townhouses, traditional pubs, beautiful restaurants and cultural venues make this top of the most breathtaking parts of the city.


Liverpool is full of rich history, dating back to many different points in time, but is also known for its music, sport, business and much more. So, what have they done? They’ve showcased this in the best way possible, by allowing the people of the city to see it all in its full glory.

Museum of Liverpool

This particular museum, located in the city centre of Liverpool, is the worlds first national museum devoted to the history of any regional city and once was the largest newly-built national museum in the UK for more than a century. Here, you can enjoy engaging exhibits showcasing Liverpool’s popular culture and discover social, historical and contemporary issues associated with the city region. There are more than 6,000 objects that bring Liverpool’s incredible heritage to life, celebrating thousands of years of the city’s achievements.

The Beatles Story

Here, you will be transported on an incredible journey as you are told the story of how four young lads became one of the biggest pop groups in history. There are replicas of the Casbah, Matthew Street, Abbey Road Studios and The Cavern which capture the early 60’s perfectly, allowing you to personally experience the very places that helped make this Liverpool band one of the greats.


Liverpool has a diverse and thriving nightlife, from trendy bars to glamorous night clubs, there are a huge range of options for those seeking a night out in the city centre.

The Botanical Garden

This treasure of an under-the-radar outdoor spot in the Baltic area is one of the best places to hang out com nighttime in Liverpool. Sip on one of many fab cocktails or ins, and enjoy tasty Mexican nosh. It really does have a lot of inspiration taken from trips around the world, with the venue being in the yard of an old ice cream factory in Liverpool’s ‘cool’ district.


If you like to drink, along with a shot of banter, then this bowling bar should be your go-to late-night Liverpool haunt. A first-rate cocktail bar that is also home to bowling lanes – yes, only seven of them – boasts a mass of pool and ping pong tables, along with beer pong and ball games added into the mix too. Now, it’s time to get creative with your drinking games.

We already knew that there was a lot to explore and see in Liverpool, but there is definitely a lot more once you start to scrape the surface. So, if this has made you interested in an serviced office space to rent in this city, then contact us here. However, if you want a more personal chat, then give us a call on 020 3053 3882.