Officio – Finding the right flexible workspace without the time-wasting, fluff or nonsense.

We know that finding an office can be a headache.

It’s confusing, time-consuming, and just needs to get done. That’s why at Officio, we work alongside businesses to make the process of finding the right workspace altogether easier and more straightforward.

Working only with key partners who support our values we are able to offer you an incredible selection of workspaces. See some examples below.

Officio Advisory

Officio Advisory helps clients develop and execute a straight-forward and efficient flexible workspace plans that support and enhance business performance. Learn more.

Officio Area Guides

Our area guides are here to provide everything you will need to know about a specific area, ranging from different corporations and history to the nightlife of each of the UK’s major locations. Explore here.

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The Officio team do things differently. We actually listen to you. Let’s get to know each other below.

Meet the team

Why officio?


We’ll make the the process easier and more straightforward.

Here for life

We won’t settle until we’ve found you the right office.


We won’t bombard you with irrelevant listings.


We make it simple and relish a problem to solve.


Friendly and helpful, but not afraid to tell it like it is.


We listen hard, don’t mess around and really know our stuff.

Say hello

Our no nonsense approach brings us clients for life. Meet your indispensable, new workspace partner below.

Meet the team